Learn AyurvedaWhat is Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and how do we use it?

What is Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and how do we use it?

In the Western system, aromatherapy is applied using the therapeutic properties of essential oils. Although the Ayurvedic perspective is similar, the energetics properties are taken into account as well. What is meant by energetic properties is that oils are characterized by their chemical make up. For instance, essential oils composed of phenols are considered heating oils, such as clove, cinnamon, and oregano. Whereas essential oils composed of sesquiterpenes are considered to be cooling, such as chamomile. There are also essential oils that are neutral, which contain esters and are considered balancers, such as lavender or bergamot.

Utilizing this concept, we can curate blends for a desired effect, depending on a person’s Prakruti (Prakruti blog), environment, mood, stress level or general maintenance. Let’s provide an example and if you have not read our Dosha blog (doshas and significance blog) yet, it would be useful to do so in order to understand this concept better. Let’s say you’ve discovered you are a Kapha predominant Prakruti with Vata being your second dominant dosha. Both Kapha and Vata types have a tendency to have dry skin if not maintained. This Prakruti combination also results in cold aversion as well, add a cold environment or a cooler season such as a snowy winter, and this person may land into an imbalance of physical sluggishness, or anxiety (the holidays are coming). Now remember certain environments, diets, and  lifestyles affect our Prakruti leading to certain imbalances if proper care isn’t taken to amend deviations from an equilibrium state.

So how do we remedy this? We will use a carrier oil that has warmer, heating properties with essential oils that will bring upon a more grounding effect. That is the beauty of having a pharmacist as our head Ayurvedic Aromatherapist. Using the chemical properties and Ayurvedic energetic principles of essential oils, Anjali has curated flagship products that can be used in all Prakruti constitutions depending on environment, as well as mood and stress levels. There is a level of synergy within the essential oil properties that is achieved to have a desired effect. So the person from above benefits from using the Kapha body oil during those snowy, dry winter months and using the Vata Body Oil during the fall season. This principle is not just utilized for the seasons but for lifestyles as well. If our Kapha/Vata friend travels frequently, has an anxious mindset, or eats salads and dry foods as majority of their meals, will benefit from using either of the Vata or Kapha Body Oils. If well adjusted and feeling in sync with their natural, balanced state, our friend can also benefit from the Moon Body Oil year round. The luxurious Moon Body Oil contains a balancer essential oil which benefits all Prakrutis. 

Ayurveda helps us be more aware of our wellness and keeps us in tune with our minds and bodies. Understanding these principles can benefit those who are willing to make an effort in dedicating time to an inward journey. Using our body oils via the Abhyanga technique (Abhyanga blog) is a tool to help better understand ourselves, practical self-love to highlight what we are currently feeling and expressing. Anjali, our Aromatherapist, uses modern blending  techniques while combining the Ayurvedic energetic principles to create natural bespoke skin care, while keeping in mind the safety and desires of her clients. It is truly worth gifting yourself the knowledge of natural wellness by taking our dosha quiz or reaching out to Anjali for a consultation today.

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