Determine Your Dosha Type

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Understanding your Prakriti or Doshic constitution will help enhance your inner awareness, creating a foundation of learning for yourself. You will learn about your tendencies, personality traits, and how to care for your skin. Keep in mind, both a quantitative and qualitative ratio of all three doshas comprise our unique, individual doshic composition. Obtaining a baseline understanding of your constitution helps guide us on how to maintain our wellness or bring us back into balance. Please note, the results are an approximation of your constitution, providing a predominant outcome. Our constitutions are not only partly set at conception but are also affected by many variables such as illness, life changes, diet, activity, and the general living process. Our quiz provides. As mentioned earlier, this is an opportunity to learn about doshic tendencies. Doshas are classified by general physical, mental and personal attributes and as well as tendencies towards certain activities, climates, behaviors, and preferences for example. We are all unique in regard to said categories, and one online quiz will not define us but it can be a start to our personal Ayurvedic Journey. Just like any online quiz, it is limiting compared to consulting with an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Ayurglo does provide this service, click here to learn more.