Sādhanā (Spiritual Well-being) Practice Kit

The Sādhanā Kit is your personalized tool box which contains “tools” that will help strengthen your spiritual well-being. At AyurGlo, we believe everyone is unique and deserves personalized attention. What works for some, might not for others and with an open mind, you might be surprised what works for you! The purpose of the kit is to provide you with holistic modalities to help regulate stress and are readily available when in urgent need.  As a result of continuous practice, you will gain a greater understanding of your true self and perceptions of life. Yoga involves more than physical practice and incorporating Yogic Principles into our lives guides us to live better. You can read more here in our blog. By peering inward, we get better at living outward. We believe in practicing both Ayurveda and Yoga to help bridge the gap between Modern Western and Ancient Indian wellness practices.

The Kit includes the following with resident Ayurvedic Coach and Yoga Instructor, Anjali Udhwani. Anjali has created this consultation model for real world living. Through her personal life, she understands the effects of stress and how vital it is to have resources and tools to help mitigate stress and find inner grace.

  • Three 1-hour virtual sessions
  • Four 20-minute virtual check-ins

Session 1: A stress assessment, where Anjali will ask questions regarding stress triggers, lifestyle choices, and current holistic interventions already in place. This session will also take into account a dosha assessment where you will learn about your specific Ayurvedic Constitution or Prakruti. Anjali will inform you herself as well as share resources to learn more about Ayurveda/Yoga. Within this session, Anjali will create a Custom Blend Body Oil from the AyurGlo Shop used for daily abhyanga.

Session 2: You will be provided with holistic practices personalized to you. The beauty of this session is that you will learn which forms of yoga, pranayama (breath work), and meditation will be most beneficial to you during certain situations in your life, specifically attuned to your Ayurvedic Constitution. If requested, Anjali will also reach out to your local studios and meditation centers to determine if there are programs attune to your needs.

Session 3: You will let us know what is helping you, what you have learned about yourself, and what you can do to better achieve your wellness goals. This session will be a discussion on how the practices have helped, suggested modifications to your practice protocol, and next steps.

If you’re ready for a GLO UP and would like to begin your AyurYogic Journey with Anjali, book your first session here.

We believe in transparency so here are the details.

We focus on the following:

  • Dinacharyā – daily routines
  • Yogāsanas – asana practice
  • Prānāyāma – breath work
  • Dhyāna – meditation

We space out our sessions! All these practices take discipline and time to master, hence the weekly check-ins of your choosing. This is a 6 week period of time, the 1-hour sessions will be spaced out biweekly and the check-ins weekly to assess how the practices are working for you and answer any questions you may have. You must complete all weekly check-ins prior to the last session.

You do not have to commit. If after the first session, you are not “feeling it”, you are not obligated to complete further sessions.

You do not have to pay for all sessions up front. We believe in the pay per session model. You will receive a link 72 hours prior to the next session for payment however, once a session is booked, you will not receive a refund. There is no additional cost for the weekly check-ins.

You must show up within the first 10 minutes of each session or the session will end with no refund provided. We believe in respecting everyone’s time as well as our own. We do understand incidents happen so please contact us ASAP and we will take into consideration whether to reschedule.

You will have to sign a waiver form releasing us from any and all liability. This is quite standard with all wellness practitioners. We are your guide, not a constant observer. The purpose of these tools is for you to take ownership over your wellness; to be your own health advocate.

*Although Anjali is a licensed healthcare provider, she will not provide any medical advice and as a general guideline, please inform your provider of any changes in activity, diet, and supplement use.